Designing Products With Tooling & Component Manufacture In Mind


At Protomould Plastics, we understand the importance of design for manufacture.

This is why we’re able to mass-produce products for our customers, effectively and to an incredibly high standard… whilst adding many other benefits, such as:

  • Helping our customers save money in both the design and manufacture of their products.
  • Reducing the delivery time of the finished products and throughout the project.
  • Achieving better results in terms of plastic moulding and tool design. 

All of which reduce the cost of the project and offer our customers a greater return on their investment, which is important for those looking for a reliable, long-term manufacturing solution.

How do we design for manufacture?


In order to offer an effective solution to our customers, we identify key areas of the project and internalise the needs of customers to provide excellent results.

For example, we identify the requirements needed to produce the product exactly as our client intended, understanding its purpose and what its final form should look like. 

To do this, we support our clients to choose the best material(s) for their product, deciding on the final shape and size of the product and identifying the ease of production. 

As a result, we’re then able to refine each stage of production to reduce costs and enhance the overall performance of the project. 

This includes choosing the best method of the manufacture of each component, utilising modern machinery and tooling, so that we can process the materials; whether they’re ABS, ASA, Nylon, Nylon GF, Sebs, TPU, Triton and many more.

Additionally, our on-site tool room which adjoins our production factory is fully equipped with the latest CAD-CAM machinery. With 2 Hurco VMX30i machining centres, spark erroders & wire EDM machines – which in this industry… are the best of the best!

This allows us to be incredibly efficient when it comes to production and our time served toolmakers have a wealth of knowledge in tool design and manufacture. Which ultimately means you’re getting the best possible support for your project.

Not to mention, that all of our new toolings are made in-house, for both injection moulding and vacuum forming, including all appropriate tool maintenance and repairs… to ensure your parts keep being produced to a consistent quality.

Consequently, we’re able to come up with both a cost-effective and sustainable solution, from designing the final form all the way to delivering the end product. 

Other benefits of our process include:

  • Better moulding cycle times for high to low material sizes.
  • Health & Safety Control, carrying out a preliminary risk assessment on the final form.
  • Custom capabilities in terms of the design aesthetic, being able to add additional texture, letting and branding such as logos.
  • Bespoke tooling, including tool modification and manufacture

As you can see, when it comes to injection moulding with Protomould Plastics there’s no stone unturned, which is why we can deliver incredible results to our customers.

Our friendly support team are also on hand to offer excellent advice on design and manufacture, whether you’re an existing customer or interested in our services. 

No matter the cause, we can guarantee great customer service and even better, we’re able to provide outstanding services to those in need of a reliable manufacturing partner and/or those in need of bespoke injection moulding solutions.

For more information on services or support, contact the team by emailing, or call us on 01964 544 544.