Do You Need a Reverse Engineering Service?

Here at Protomould, we have a skilled team of engineers who are able to not only able to provide an industry-leading reverse engineering service but can also give you feedback and ideas on possible improvements. If you have a part or components but no CAD or drawings, don’t worry, our experienced team is here to help.

What is Reverse Engineering?

Reverse engineering is the process of deconstructing a component or part to fully understand its design, manufacturing process, and functionality. With the information gathered through this process, the component/part can then be redesigned, reconstructed, and improved. The three main steps of the reverse engineering process are disassembly, analysis, and re-engineering.

Reverse engineering involves working backwards from the finished part/component to understanding each step that went into getting the final design, at the end of the reverse engineering process, you will end up with the original design, such as a CAD or drawing, like the one below.

Reverse Engineering, Protomould Plastics

Reasons for Reverse Engineering

There are many reasons for reverse engineering, it can help provide a really useful insight into the whole component manufacturing process of a part.  Improve Component Performance  When reverse engineering, you’re able to gain an in-depth insight into which parts of the component could potentially be improved for the future. This is done by analysing the design, functionality, and manufacturing process of the part.

Reduce Future Costs

Reverse engineering is useful for creating future parts at a reduced cost. During the reverse engineering process, you’ll be able to identify if certain factors can help introduce a more cost-effective manufacturing process.

These may include:

  • Materials 
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Design techniques

Innovative New Designs & Products 

Using the information and knowledge gained through the reverse engineering procedure, you may be able to create new designs, manufacturing processes, or part functions that were previously not available with the original component.

Extend Component Life

Reverse engineering is a useful process in helping make slight changes to improve the life cycle of a component. These changes could be done by making the component more durable and easier to repair.

Reverse Engineering at Protomould 

Reverse engineering can be a challenging and complex process but could be extremely valuable for your business. If you’re interested in the reverse engineering service here at Protomould, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts!