Handsfree Door Openers from Protomould Plastics

Known for being a high-quality plastic moulding manufacturer in Hull, we recently commissioned a new factory in East Yorkshire allowing us to expand our capabilities with new injection moulding machinery.

We specialise in plastic injection moulding, and have been able to use our industry skills to produce a new product – our handsfree door opener. Available to purchase on our online shop, this device aims to aid people in what has become the ‘new normal’ by offering a handsfree method to open doors, use keypads, operate card machines and more.

Our hygienic handsfree door openers are available as a pair in four colours: black, blue, pink and orange.


  • Keypads
  • Printers/Photocopiers
  • Doors
  • Card Machines
  • Light Switches

Having recently doubled our plastic injection moulding machine capacity during the coronavirus pandemic, we are able to help your business with design and manufacture of any tools or components. To enquire, contact us on 01964 544544 or sales@protomouldplastics.co.uk.