Injection Moulding Services

Injection moulding is one of the most common and popular processes for creating plastic components, by injecting molten plastic into a pre-prepared mould. This is an efficient, high precision process that is often used to produce large quantities of identical objects (most typically used in mass production processes).

At Protomould Plastics, we specialise in injection moulding, focusing on annual volumes of between 500-150,000. We have invested in a range of machines with press sizes of 30-320T. 

Why Use Injection Moulding?


One of the main advantages of injection moulding is the ability to increase production to a mass scale, whilst keeping costs down. After the initial set up cost, the price per unit is very low and tends to reduce based on more units being produced.

Repeatable Production

This is especially useful for those producing high volumes of consistent parts – the last part you produce with injection moulding will be practically identical to the first. 

Minimal Waste

In comparison to other manufacturing processes, which often result in a significant amount of cut away/wasted material, injection moulding results in very minimal waste. This is not only better for the environment, but also enables you to use less material.

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