Our New Factory

During 2016 the plan for a new factory was on the cards, now we are more than half way into 2017, we can confirm the construction of a new factory is well underway, this is part of securing the companies future and growth at the East Yorkshire site

As of current the smaller building which adjoins the newest building has been outgrown. The smaller of the two buildings will become a dedicated tool room making all our injection moulding and vacuum forming tools for both Protomould and Plas-Tech. The new factory is another great step in the growth of Protomould and makes us confident for the future.

The building has over 5000sqft of space and will contain its own facilities including a mezzanine floor, upstairs office and toilet block. The building will be used for the sole purpose of injection moulding, containing our own machinery it will give operators easy access to machines and allow for faster tool changeovers.  We are very excited to see it come to shape and will update the website as more work progresses.