Our New Factory

During 2016 the plan for a new factory was on the cards, now we are more than half way into 2017, we can confirm the construction of a new factory is well underway, this is part of securing the companies future and growth at the East Yorkshire site As of current the smaller building which adjoins the

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Our New Factory News
Protomould Investment News

Protomould Investment

Over the last 12 months Protomould have undergone a large investment plan expanding not only the factory but it’s broad range of equipment. This exciting new investment allows us to highlight our high standards and professional service, keeping us up to date with the latest technology. Aside from our fantastic 5000 sq ft factory, we

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Plastic Injection Moulding

Plastic Injection moulding is a manufacturing process commonly used for mouldings more detailed plastic components. Both surfaces can have basic or intricate details and the parts can be used for either aesthetic or non-visual uses. Essentially, most of the plastic parts we use today have been injection moulded. It is a fairly quick moulding process

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Plastic Injection Moulding News