Component Manufacture

Component manufacture is the crucial step in the plastic manufacturing process, transforming raw materials into precisely moulded components. At Protomould Plastics, we are committed to maintaining our facility at the forefront of innovation, ensuring we deliver the highest quality components with unmatched efficiency.


Our significant investment program has equipped us with a fleet of 2018-2020 machines ranging from 30-320T press sizes, ensuring we can handle a wide range of production volumes and component complexities. These machines are complemented by fully automated conveyor systems, further enhancing our production efficiency and output.

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We specialise in low to medium-volume injection moulding, catering to the needs of businesses seeking high-quality components without the overhead of large-scale production. Our expertise in this segment enables us to provide personalised attention and ensure consistent delivery of exceptional components.
Versatile Material Processing

Our expertise extends beyond traditional plastics, encompassing a wide range of materials, including:


Step 1

Starting with raw material, the plastic starts life in a pellet form.

Step 2

Raw material is loaded into the machine hopper and fed down a screw and barrel into the tooling.

Step 3

The molten plastic is heated to anywhere between 160-220oc, as this is a closed tool process, it is force and pressure from the screw that fills the cavities of the tooling which thus, gives you the parts you require.

Step 4

Once the cavity is filled with plastic, the cooling cycle happens which can allow the tool to open and eject the parts from the tooling. Due to the speed, this process is extremely repeatable and efficient.

Step 5

Our average cycle times are usually around 1-2 minutes per shot. The larger the parts get, the longer the shot cycle can be and vice versa.


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