Plastic Market Outlook 2021: Protomould Plastics’ Market Expansion

Now that 2021 is well underway, it’s safe to say that the future continues to look bright for Protomould Plastics.

With our continued dedication to our existing customer base, we’ve been able to scale production and increase capacity, allowing us to keep up with the growing demand of our new and existing customers’ plastic moulding needs.

After all, we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves one of the UK’s leading plastic manufacturers if we couldn’t keep up with the demand of our customers!

Protomould Plastics’ Market Expansion

Here at Protomould Plastics, we currently offer a wide range of services including component manufacturing and tooling manufacturing.

However, due to the growing demand of the plastic market and for plastic moulding, we are now looking to expand the business and its offerings into new markets.

Therefore, we aim to continue to service and retain our existing customer base, whilst we grow into new markets. A market of particular interest is the consumer goods/lifestyle market, where customers are interested in domestic homeware products.

After seeing the plastic market grow as the shift in consumer consumption moves to online retails, we want to pursue new audiences and expand our offering into this market; while exploring new products such as storage baskets, kitchenware, bathroom items, utensils, garden products and other general home products.

At the same time, we are also keen to grow our traditional leisure industry home products and have been working in conjunction with our sister company Plas-Tech Thermoforming, to offer all of these types of products.

This will allow us to offer these types of products across both injection moulding and vacuum forming, which as a plastic manufacturing company in the UK is important, as we can push that all-important ‘Made in the UK’ message to our audiences!

You can learn more about our offering via the Our Services page, click here for more information on our services.

Want to Be a Business Partner?

With ambition and drive to pursue new markets and opportunities, we are looking to collaborate with large online & high street retailers.

We want to explore and understand your businesses’ requirements and offer up bespoke solutions to pair with your requirements for domestic plastic homeware products.

This is an incredible opportunity to work with Promotomould Plastics and we’re excited to see what 2021 has to offer us, as one of the top plastic manufacturers in the UK.

If you’re interested in forming an agreement and partnering with Protomould Plastics, call us on 01964 544 544 or visit our website’s pages for more information.