Protomould Capacity Increase

Over the last few months, we all know the effects of Covid-19 have changed the world and the landscape for business. We are not sure as to what impact this will fully have on our everyday lives or business lives at this stage. We, as people and businesses have had to adapt to these new changes and challenges presented to us. Because of this we are pleased to share some good news amongst all the un-certainty in the world.

Protomould Plastics has received continuous investment since it joined the Polyplastics Group back in 2013, this has continued throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic. This month we have doubled our machine capacity with four new Sarac Injection Moulding Machines.

Quick decision making by the Shareholders and a fantastic effort from the Sales and Technical teams allowed us to react quickly to meet the demands of the NHS and industry PPE needs throughout the whole of the UK.

Although the future for UK manufacturing remains uncertain, we are happy to have served the country during this crisis and at the same time protect both the business and our customers supply chain.

In addition to our In-House Tool Room and Vacuum Forming capabilities, our Injection Moulding machine list now comprises:

  • 50T Boy machine
  • 60T Sarac (x2)
  • 90T Sarac
  • 130T Sarac
  • 160T Sarac (x2)
  • 260T Sarac
  • 320T Sarac

If you would think we could help your business during these uncertain times please contact,