The Impact of Design for Manufacturer (DFM)

Design for Manufacturer (DFM) is a crucial element to the plastic injection moulding process. It offers the opportunity for a final product prototype to be created before the full manufacturing process begins reducing risk of capital, materials and delays.

Creates Final Product Projection

Developing a product prototype using the DFM process creates a final product prediction before mass production. This includes the physical feel of a product, the look of it and it’s performance.

Different materials, material thickness, and design adjustments can all be tested during the DFM plastic injection moulding process. By testing these product variations, it ensures that the final product meets all the requirements and expectations of the client and their customers.

Waste Reduction

A byproduct of creating product prototypes using DFM is a reduction in manufacturing and product waste. This is because, through defining the specific plastic injection moulding specifications for the project, a more streamlined manufacturing process can be achieved. This includes material use, machinery use, and more efficient communication.

Allows for Manufacturing Predictions

Following on from the reductions in waste, by creating different product variations and deciding on a final design, manufacturing predictions can be made. Production timelines, possible increase in manufacturing speed, and manufacturing feasibility/practicality can all be deciphered when completing the DFM process.

Injection Moulding Services at Protomould Plastics

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