The Process of Plastic Injection Moulding


We are Plastic Injection moulding specialists based in East Yorkshire, combined with many years of experience and our expert staff members means we never fail to impress a client with our production of plastic. Below are the capabilities when using injection moulding:

• Medium to High Volume batch runs, from 2000-millions+
• In-house tooling
• Machine from 50-320 tonnes
• Up to 650g shot weight

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Step 1

Starting with raw material, the plastic starts its life in a pellet form.

Step 2

The raw material is loaded into the machine hopper and fed down a screw and barrel into the tooling.

Step 3

The molten plastic is heated to anywhere between 160-220 degrees celsius, as this is a closed tool process, it is force and pressure from the screw that fills the cavities of the tooling which thus, gives you the parts you require.

Step 4

Once the cavity is filled with plastic, the cooling cycle happens which can allow the tool to open and eject the parts from the tooling. Due to the speed, this process is extremely repeatable and efficient.

Step 5

Our average cycle times are usually around 1-2 minutes per shot. The larger the parts get, the longer the shot cycle can be and vice versa. However, we can produce thousands of parts in a very short space of time.

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