Types of Plastic Injection Moulding Services

Although injection moulding is not specific to plastics and can be used for metals in instances such as die-casting, at Protomould Plastics, we specialise in plastic injection moulding.

Injection moulding services are not a ‘one-size fits all’ and there are different plastic injection moulding methods and processes depending on the product that is being created.


Cube Moulding — Injection Moulding Services


Cube moulding, unlike the name would suggest, is to manufacture circular components such as plastic bottle lids. What makes this type of plastic injection moulding different to other injection moulding services is the fact that the machine spins on a vertical axis rather than on a typical horizontal axis.


Gas-Assisted Injection Moulding Service


There are two types of gas-assisted injection moulding:

  • Internal gas injection,
  • External gas injection.


With this type of plastic injection moulding, internal gas injection is the most common. External gas injection allows for greater detail but both are great for creating lightweight end products.


Injection Blow Moulding — Plastic Injection Moulding


The nature of this type of injection moulding service makes it great for creating hollow products in larger quantities. A similar concept to making pottery figurines but with plastic, the melted plastic is poured into a hollow mould to create the desired shape. It is then clamped to keep it in place until it is cool and ready to be de-moulded.


Rotational Moulding — Injection Moulding Services


Similar to injection blow moulding, rotational moulding is also used to create hollow products. The main difference between these two types of plastic injection moulding is that rotational moulding uses an oven and slow rotations to cover the inside of the mould. The product is then left to cool, set and removed from the mould.


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