What are Injection Moulding Services Used for?

Injection moulding services are a common solution in many industries and injection moulded products are used daily without knowledge. Some of the popular industries that use injection moulding services are:

  • Household goods,
  • Food and drink,
  • Toys,
  • Furniture.

Household Goods — Injection Moulding Services


Plastic injection moulding is used heavily in the household goods sector. Because plastic injection moulding allows a large number of products to be created in a small period of time, it is extremely useful for industries where product demand is extremely high.

Some common household goods that are created using injection moulding services are:

  • Light switches,
  • Soap, shampoo, and body wash bottles,
  • Cleaning product containers.


Food and Drinks — Injection Moulding Services


Another sector that utilises plastic injection moulding because of high volume needs is the food and drink industry. Some common products made by plastic injection moulding are:

  • Plastic water bottles and lids,
  • Disposable plastic food containers,
  • Plastic cutlery,
  • Plastic dishware, plates and cups.


Particularly within this industry, there remains some controversy surrounding the number of single-use plastic bottles created; however, injection moulding services also create reusable plastic drinks bottles and food containers, not just single-use.


Toys — Injection Moulding Services


Toys are largely made from plastic and have been for years. It would be unrealistic to individually mould each toy component which is why plastic injection moulding is often used in this industry, particularly for dolls and games.


Furniture — Injection Moulding Services


It is not just smaller items that can be created using injection moulding services but larger items too. Plastic outdoor furniture is commonly made using injection moulding methods such as:

  • Plastic tables,
  • Plastic chairs,
  • Children’s outdoor furniture.

Plastic injection moulding is part of our everyday life and is essential to many businesses.

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