Vacuum Forming

Plas-Tech has specialised in Vacuum Forming since 1994, we are an established supplier across many market sectors. Currently suppling plastic mouldings into markets such as construction, leisure, automotive, handling/lifting and point of sale. We have been the go-to name for many global manufacturers

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With a fully crewed 24-hour production facility, we supply manufactures across the UK and parts of Europe. Our products are then shipped around the globe into vehicles, machines, equipment and all whole host of industries. With a full team to support Final Design, Tool Manufacture, Prototyping, Product Implementation and on-going Production. We know we have everything you need to be confident in your vacuum forming project. Operating from our East Yorkshire facility that is twinned with Protomould, we can mould parts up to 3.0M x 2.5M in size. With 7 vacuum forming machines by Geiss & Ridat and 6 x 5-Axis CNC machines, we are fully geared to supply your production requirements. Like Protomould, Plas-Tech’s ethos has been to supply and manage all tooling manufacture in-house, this includes machined prototype Ureol tools & CNC Jigs through to Aluminum Production Tools.

With a comprehensive tool room and pattern shop, over 90% of all our tooling is made in house. As well as our production facility, we have over 80 dedicated and trained staff to support Sales, Production, Technical & Logistics.


Step 1

The first step for any vacuum-formed product is to create a product mould. The nature of vacuum forming means that thermoplastic is melted and ‘forms’ around the mould to create the desired shape.

Step 2

The next step after the mould has been created is to actually vacuum form the plastic onto it.

Step 3

The mould is put into the vac forming machine and the thermoplastic is also laid and secured and begins to melt. Once the plastic has reached the optimum temperature, the mould is raised into the plastic and any excess air is vacuumed out.

Step 4

Once the vac-formed product has cooled and set, the mould is then removed. Final touches such as cutting and sanding are completed to achieve the finished product.


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